Pica de carbono Celloshop

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De venta exclusiva en Celloshop.com
Longitud: 50 cm. 
Diámetro: 10 mm.
La pica Celloshop es de carbono y mejora el sonido del violonchelo muy sensiblemente. La punta, afilada,  es de acero muy resistente.
Una pica de alta calidad a un precio inmejorable.
Si no quedas satisfecho, te devolvemos tu dinero.

I would like to thank You for the carbon spikes I recieved yesterday! It
really improved the sound in a way I never expected.I would say it improves
the sound and volume more than for exampel changing bridge and soundpost
together.It also made the instrument reacting faster. I already recommended
it to several cellists and students and will soon order a few more"

Sincerely Richard Müller, Sweden
(Solocellist in Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra)

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