Celloshop carbon spike

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Exclusively at Celloshop.com!
Length: 50 cm
Diameter: 10 mm
Easy to exchange: pull out the old heavy metal pole and insert our carbon shaft.
Life long guarantee!!
Enhances the sound! Simply exchange it against your old spike and you will notice the difference. No fuss money back guaranty, if you are not 100% satisfied

"I would like to thank You for the carbon spikes I received yesterday! It
really improved the sound in a way I never expected. I would say it improves
the sound and volume more than for example changing bridge and soundpost
together. It also made the instrument react faster. I already recommended
it to several cellists and students and will soon order a few more"

Sincerely Richard Müller, Sweden
(Solocellist in Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra)

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