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The idea:
The sound of a cello, double bass or harp is carriedthrough contact with the surface.
Because most surfaces are not resonant in themselves,the sound of the instrument is reduced. However, a podium is a resonantbody ...

The development:
Presenting for the first time a podium, which has been constructed after the principles of a stringed instrument: Running under the front part ofthe SoundPodium 's top is a bass - bar which carries the vibrations originatingfrom the spike.
The top of the SoundPodiumis constructed of high-quality beech wood and is, like a stringed instrument,provided with F-holes. The entire podium is a foldable package, which hasa depth of only seven cm.

The result:
The SoundPodium reinforces the natural overtones of the instrumentin contrast to the often reduced spectrum of a one-dimensional surface!

Weight: 9 Kg.
Length: 140 cm.
Width: 82 cm.
Height: 9 cm.

DBP Nr. 195 29 482 US-Patent Nr. 123195
Made in Germany

The KlangPodium (sound podium in english) was patented by Reimund Korupp in 1996.

Is used by cellist and musical institutions worldwide:

            Royal Academy of Music, London
            Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft
            Hochschule für Musik, Wien
            Konservatorium Luzern
            Konservatorium Bern
            Hochschule für Musik, Mannheim
            Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe
            Conservatoire National Toulouse
            Konzertdirektion Zagreb
            Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid
            Basler Orchestergesellschaft
            Stavanger Sinfoni Orkest
            Staatstheater Baden Baden
            Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim
            Het Residentie Orkest Den Haag
            Orpheus Chamber Orchester New York
            Bamberger Klaviertrio
            Wigmore Hall London
            Kronberg Cello Festival
            Julius Berger
            Gert von Bülow
            Thomas Demenga
            Michael Flaksman
            Sol Gabetta
            David Geringas
            Maria Kliegel
            Reimund Korupp
            Mischa Maisky
            Daniel Müller Schott
            Pieter Wispelwey
            Mstislav Rostropovitch
            Heinrich Schiff
            and much more....


David Geringas, after his recital at the "Musikvereinssaal"in Vienna:  "The best sound ever."

Prof. Tobias Kühne, Musikhochschule Wien, Teacher of Heinrich Schiff:   "The large SoundPodium has been received well and is a great success in my class. With the construction of the SoundPodium you have served the needs of a great number of Cellists ..."

Prof. David Strange, Royal Academy of Music, London:  "We are delighted with the SoundPodium , and students borrow it whenever they have a concert."

Mischa Maisky: "Thank you very much for a wonderful Invention!"

Mstislav Rostropowitsch:  "Not only I, but all my colleagues would be very happy, if all the concert-halls had such a SoundPodium."

 ha sido muy bien recibido aquí y ha tenido muchoéxito entre mis alumnos. El desarrollo sonoro que les proporciona estatarima se convierte en una auténtica necesidad para muchos chelistas.”

David Strange, catedrático de la Royal Academy of Music de Londres:
“Estamos encantados con el KLANGPODIUM; los mismos estudiantes lo pidencuando tienen un concierto.”

Mischa Maisky : “Muchas gracias por este invento maravilloso”

Mstislav Rostropowitsch : “No sólo yo, sino todos mis colegas se alegrarían de que las salas deconciertos tuvieran estos podios de sonido.”

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