Bam Hightech LOpera OP1006XL cello case

  • Description

Weight : 3.3kg

Inside dimensions :
Total Length: 132 cm
Body Length: 79.5 cm
Upper bout: 38.5 cm
Lower bout: 50 cm

Outside dimensions : 136x51x31 cm

Inside Features :
Total suspension of the instrument on injected foam cushions
2 bow holders
Scroll and neck straps
Elastic band to secure the endpin during travel
Removable string pocket

Outside Features :
Shells made of the Bam Hightech technique : a tripleply structure made of high performance materials (ABS, Airex foam, another type of ABS.
Outstanding protection and ultralight weight

Very comfortable bimaterial side handle
4 softouch latches with key
Male/female airtight seal
2 comfortable neoprene antislip backpack straps with security screw hooks

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