There are multiple accessories and gadgets that can help improve the power of your cello. Of course it is essential to have suitable strings for our level, our technique or style, and our instrument, but the strings are not everything, and there are many other accessories that are of great help. In this section of Celloshop.com you will find pegs, tailpieces, mutes, wolf eliminators, spikes, floor protectors, rosins, as well as instruments care and cleaning products, humidifiers, lutherie tools and much more.

During the last years, the fundamental importance in the vibration of the instrument of accessories such as the spike, the tailpieces or the pegs has been demonstrated. The material from which they are made and their design have been revealed as essential to get the most out of any cello. In the same way, the floor protectors or  straps, being the element that comes into contact with the ground, can also help to transmit or, on the contrary, to quench the vibration.

On this page you will also find a wide range of studio and concert mutes, as well as the widest selection of cello rosins on the web with their specifications.
Experience tells us that any element is important to ensure that our cello is healthy and reaches its maximum projection, and for this reason, at Celloshop.com we are up to date in terms of accessories and we continue to test new features every day that we are delighted to offer. to our clients.
Not everything is investing millions in an instrument. A small accessory can go a long way. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding the necessary accessories to improve your instrument.