For many years cellists have been clear that investing in a good case is investing in health, not only for our instrument, but for ourselves. Carrying a very heavy case for many hours can cause injuries to our backs and shoulders that can even end up influencing our way of playing.

At Celloshop.com we estimate that cases weighing less than 4Kg are a bearable load for those players who travel by public transport, on foot, or by bicycle and have to spend many hours with the cello on their backs. If, on the contrary, you move by car, weight is not a problem for you :) and you can opt for heavier cases. We recommend always using a backpack system attached to the case, as they help balance the load and make the sensation of weight much less. At Celloshop.com we have the Fiedler backpack, which can be attached to any case with a flat bottom, and the Bam and Musilia backpacks, which you can find in the accessories section for cases.

When we talk about cello cases, the protection of the instrument is a fundamental aspect. In recent years, carbon fiber has become the leading material in the manufacture of ultra-light cello cases, since it is an extremely resistant, very light material, and with shape memory. We have carbon fiber cases from Accord, Muslia, Gewa and Artist brands. Other brands, such as Bam cases, have opted for the use of their own patented materials, which have also shown great durability and resistance.
In conclusion, resistance, weight and comfort are fundamental, and if we add to this a beautiful design, we will have the cool image that every cellist needs.

At Celloshop.com we are professional cellists and we know all the cases we sell. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice. If you want a case that we do not have on the web, ask us, we can get it for you.