Berlin Sound Pin

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The patented design is based on a steel tube and a pivot-mounted steel tip. The tube is drilled laterally, resulting in two rows of holes that extend over almost the whole length of the tube. It touches the tip, that is held by a mechanism inside the tube, only on two spikes.

The Berlin Sound Pin is able to improve the sound of your cello in a degree that usually can be achieved only through manipulation of the bridge or the soundpost. The effect depends on the instrument as well as on the perfect adjustment of the pin. Turn the pin by 90° and listen to the sound with first one, then the other row of holes facing up. Listen also what happens with a turn of only 45°!

To adjust the pin to the wolf tones of your cello, rotate only the tip by small increments. Listen to every position: There will be one, where the wolf tone is weakest.
The tip itself is made of hardened steel and is subject to normal wear.
The Berlin Sound Pin has a diameter of 10mm and can be used with any matching cone.