Exclusive in!!
Protection against friction and perspiration marks. Soft velvet black or garnet.
150 x 200 mm

String lever

Trying another bridge? Quite an adventure,  slackening and tightening strings, and hours of retuning.
A matter of seconds with this device!


The Cellophant  bow accessory instantly positions and supports the fingers of the bow hold!
The various anatomical features of the elephant, such as toenails and legs, allow the cellist to feel reference points, for consistent bow holds from practice to practice.
The size of the Cellophant  accessory allows an open, relaxed hand, and the circle of the elephant's trunk directs a flexible thumb toward the intersection of the frog and stick, with alternate placements if desired.

Thumb fixture

-secure positioning of the thumb

-ideal for beginners

-simple to install


Varigrip - Gym for cellists.

Finger in Top-Form!!

With Varigrip, practice wherever and whenever you want.
Hardness adjustable independently for each finger.

Lapella Peg Compound

Simultaneously provides perfect lubrication for tuning precision and strong friction during play. 100 % natural ingredients.

Lubricant for pegs

"A composition for pegs, that have ceased to turn smoothly!!!"


Soundpost lever

Did you ever try to pick up a fallen sound post? Really tricky!
But not if you use this device!  Gets your nose out of the dust!

soundpost positioner

And now the sound post has to be set again.

Silk sheath

100 % Silk!

Protects your valuable instrument within its case.

Metronom und Hygrometer Korg HB-1

Chromatic tuner Korg CA-1

Back cushion for bam cases

Bam replacement straps

Original BAM replacement straps.

Price per single strap

Carabiner for Bam straps


Padded strap for cello case.

Price of each strap:

Screws for fine tuners

These little screws can sometimes be very annoying No need to buy an entire new tailpiece anymore...