Wolf Eliminator


LupX Wolftöter

Easy to apply and completely made from brass.
Two different weights:
5,5 gram for the young wolf.
8,4 gram for the normal specimen.



Most effective and practical eliminator of howl-tones.
If hung behind the bridge, between the A and C strings, it will suppress the worst howl-tone.
For situations in which the full overtone spectrum should be available (which is always somewhat muted when using another howl-tone impediment), this  eliminator is quickly installed.

Depending on the location of the howl-tone, there are three weights:

Low: D - E
Medium: Es - F
High: E - F sharp

Supersensitiv Wolf Be Gone

Wolftöter aus Messing, groß und schwarz.

Nickel Wolf eliminator

Gold plated Wolf eliminator