Floor protection


Cello sticker

It is equipped with a strong magnet which holds the CelloSticker always in contact with the tip of the endpin, either directly or through a magnetic rubber tip, so an unrestrained move of the player with his instrument is enabled. CelloSticker is using a special gel pad which adheres strongly to any solid floor material as wood, laminate, stone and ceramic tiles, concrete etc. The pad can be rewashed without losing adhesive function.


 5cm wide, adjustable from 40-80 cm.
Plate made of hartened synthetic material with rubber underneath.

Orchester floor protection

Made from heavy, industrial, quality rubber.

Length 110 cm - 10 cm wide

Fits the longest spike , easily cut and readjusted



Estien cellopin anchor

On use, the spike presses a button in the casing, which fastens the  straps of the adjustable belt. Weight     70g   /    Diameter 4,5 cm
So small and light that it fits in every case and pocket!



Easily adjusted from 44 cm to 84 cm length of strap. Both ends made of wood, slipstops under spike end.

Classic strap

With leather andd Metalring

Plante d'épine


Practicality and aesthetics combine here in a sheer work of art. Made in Germany by an engineer - very handy and a real heavy beauty .


From Italia this very useful ' mousetrap' (or so it appears) called Jojo.  Two aluminum rings are the basis for this small, sophisticated device.

SuperSensitive floor protector

'Stoppin'  is made of soft rubber. Bubble texture on top accommodates your spike; concave bottom grips most floor surfaces.
Now we have the little model!

The Black Hole

Small and sticky!
No slipping even on marbel or parquet. Very easy to carry.


Slip Stop

Wolf Superendpin

Perfect  even for playing in a band on the sand!

Metal Slip Stop

Very bright and practical!