Leather Mute

New engravable Leather Mute.

- A unique slot and notch design that allows you to easily produce two distinctly different muting effects.

 - The material, leather, mutes the distinctive character of the instrument’s tonal qualities less than other materials. The player is better able to hear the ringing of the overtones under ear, resulting in improved intonation and a more “vibrant and glorious” sound.

 - You can customize the fit of your mute. Moisten the two small notches with a drop of water, then place the mute back on the strings. During the drying process, the notches will reshape and conform to the string dimensions of your instrument.

Mute for french music

A high quality concert mute, specially designed for french music.  

Highly recomended!


Heavy mute

Artino Practice Mute


The ARTINO PRACTICE MUTE combines a heavy, rubber-covered metal top with thick rubber feet that are flexible and don’t leave black marks on the bridge. This mute isn’t an absolute silencer like its chrome-covered cousin, but does deaden significantly more sound than rubber or wooden mutes. 

Hotel mute


Sliding mute

With wolf tone eliminator - effect