Humidifier and Hygrometer


Dampit Humidifier


Dampit is an excellent device for keeping proper humidity available to instruments. There is no perceptible loss of sound when the instruments are played with a Dampit inside. Not only helps to prevent damages, but seems to maintain from day to day the instrument's tonal resonance.

Humitron Befeuchter

Humitron is made of the most advanced material available. The tubes were custom extruded of the finest non-vinyl and non-allergenic resin, soft enough to exert pressure around the F-holes/sound-holes and sufficiently sturdy to minimize contact with the inside parts of an instrument.
As good as Dampit but cheaper.

Stretto Humidifier


The Stretto effectively humidifies for up to two weeks. When ready to rehydrate the bag, simply re-soak in water (distilled for best results).
The moisturing element is a micro-fiber bag containing tiny, incredibly moisture abosrbent crystals that last up to two weeks at a time and can be re-used for months. The moistened bag is placed in a customized container that attaches with Velcro to the inside of your case or can be stored in aninterior accessory pocket, humidifying your stored instrument and bow.

Dimensions: Humidifier: 3 x 2 1/4 x 3/4 inches - 105 x 80 x 25 mm


Stretto 4 substitution bags

Metronom und Hygrometer Korg HB-1


It's very important for us to keep our cello with the appropiate levels of humidity, specially during the dry seasons. This small hygrometer is very precise and helps to get it!
We recommend using the humidifier when the humidity falls below 50%.

The hygrometer has a diameter of 4 cm and sticks easily inside the cello case.