Musilia cases


Musilia S3: 2,4 kg

This cello case is lighter than the  actual Accord Ultra light - but ultra durable.

Aside from their outstanding durability, these cases have been designed for ease of use. The nylon strap, which will never break, carries the entire weight of the case and instrument on its own. No karabiners are needed for users to carry the cello case on their shoulders. The cases also feature cushion padding that's fully adjustable just by turning a reciprocal two-way screw.

For more images, please refer to the german shop.


Musilia S2: 3,2 kg

Identical with the above, only differences are weight and price.

Musilia S1: 3,6 kg

More is less
Increase in weight = better price.
In any other aspect identical with its lighter family members

Musilia M6: 3,4 Kg

 M6 is a full carbon fiber cello case, the deluxe model made by Musilia.

Musilia M5: 3,6 Kg

For big instruments. Montagnana model.
M5 Model is an hybrid carbon fiber cello case, and is the economic model made by Musilia.