Evah Pirazzi Gold

The A- and D-strings have a high-tensile steel core and are wound with a precision chrome steel flat wire, while the G- and C-strings have a specially designed steel rope core with a top-quality tungsten winding.

 The elegant sound of the new Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings is clear, full, with character.
 These new steel strings provide a variety of overtones with great projection – without any metallic sharpness.

The new Evah Pirazzi Gold cello strings are extremely responsive and react quickly over the entire dynamic range; even with very gentle bow pressure. With their reduced playing-in time the instrument achieves its full sound spectrum in no time.
Suitable also for electric or electrically-amplified cellos

Each Evah Pirazzi Gold cello string has its own individual character and at the same time their interplay generates a wonderfully harmonious set.


Evah Pirazzi Gold A

Core:  Steel
Winding: Chrome Steel

Evah Pirazzi Gold D

Core:  Steel
Winding: Chrome Steel

Evah Pirazzi Gold G

Core:  Cable
Winding: Tungsten

Evah Pirazzi Gold C

Core: Cable
Winding: Tungsten

Evah Pirazzi Gold Set

Core: Steel / Rope
Wound: Chromsteel / Tungsten 

Evah Pirazzi Gold Rosin

For the new string set Evah Pirazzi Gold.
Evah Pirazzi Gold rosin increases the ease of response in the softer dynamic range and maximises the ability of the instrument to react to bow impulses during fast, virtuosic playing. It allows powerful contact with the strings, draws out the sound evenly and enables clear articulation without harshness. Even right after the rosin has been applied, the bow will afford the player a smooth, supple and satisfying playing experience.

The rosin Evah Pirazzi Gold distinguishes itself by a very minor formation of dust with no residues forming on the bow hair and the strike point of the string.