Cleaning care


Lapella cleaning wipes

For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings.

Contains 7 Lapella sensitive cleaning wipes moistened with natural fluids and 1 Lapella microfibre cloth for dry removal of rosin and residues.

Lapella Fingerboard recovery oil

Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil of LAPELLA is a premium quality care product for classic string instruments that visibly restores and preserves the natural characteristics of Ebony and Hardwood fingerboards. It is made of 100% natural oil and distilled botanicals.
15ml / 0.5 oz LAPELLA Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil
incl. 2 LAPELLA microfibre cloth (for application and cleaning)


Hill Varnish Cleaner

Hill's varnish cleaner, tied and tested ! All -in- one cleaner and varnish protection. 25ml.


Petz Cleaning Oil


Petz Polish

Petz Polish made from pine oil and beeswax, which is excellently suited to cleaning and caring for delicate stringed instruments surfaces without creating a new dirt-attracting layer. Unlike Rosin Remover, which is mainly used for removing stubborn dirt deposits, the newly developed polish can be applied each time the instrument is used.

Bellacura Reinigungsmittel

Bellacura cleaner. One of the best!! 20 ml.

Pirastro string cleaner

For steel and synthetic strings.
50 ml.

Bellacura microfiber cloth

Dirt will no longer attached to your instrument.