Warm, round sound. Big volume. Easy response.

here is a description of the charakteristics of all the Pirastro strings in pdf format.

You will need Acrobrat reader to read theese.

please click: Pirastro cello string informaton


Pirastro Flexocor A

Kern: Stahl
Umspinnung: Chromstahl

Core:   Steel
Winding:  Chrome steel

 If you have a strong, loud cello this string is ideal for brilliance and body.  The whole set is carefully regulated for even string resistance  and pressure at the bridge.

Pirastro Flexocor D

Ropecore with titanium winding

Pirastro Flexocor G

Ropecore with silver winding

Pirastro Flexocor C

Ropecore with silver winding

Pirastro Flexocor Set

Core: Steel/Rope
Winding: Chrome steel/Titanium/Silver