Tail pieces


Tail Cord Bois d'Harmonie

Very flexible, it increases the mobility of the tailpiece, close to the main source of resonance, the bridge.

This small accessory will be of real benefit to your instrument. 

Nine times as strong as steel wire, it does not stretch after it has been fitted, and so maintains the luthier’s original set-up.
Delivers an unequalled sound transmission.
Compared to the traditional loops of nylon, steel or even gut,  Tailcord is more efficient and does not diminish the natural resonance of the instrument.

Players will find:

• Greater ease of playing, particularly in the upper registers of each string;

• More immediate and powerful response under the bow…

This small accessory will be of real benefit to your instrument

Bois d'Harmonie, Tailpiece in Ebony

A traditional Ebony Mirecourt model with an efficient tuner

It's the new composite finetuner, elegant and lighter than the usual plastic models. There is a perceptible sound improvement.
The light finetuners allow the bridge a certain transmission of movement and gives a better projection of sound with less interference.

The Hill model is one of English tradition, with a centre ridge.
The French model , rounder and more open is one of Mirecourt.

Bois d'Harmonie, Tailpiece Rosewood

Bois d'Harmonie, Tailpiece Boxwood

The same qualities as before,  beautiful, light yellow- brown wood.

Bois d'Harmonie, Pernambucco Tailpiece

Pernambucco's property of conducting sound makes it an ideal wood for tailpieces.

Nervous and resistant like a spring, the sound travels through pernambucco quicker than any other wood.
Musicians say that it  improves the acoustic quality of their instruments, giving  a more open  and better placed sound.

Wittner Tailpiece

Ultra strong and very light! Tailpiece made of "space age" composite with 4 string adjusters. Fits 3/4 and 4/4 cellos.

Screws for fine tuners

These little screws can sometimes be very annoying No need to buy an entire new tailpiece anymore...